Eureka Project
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    Wisdom is the daughter of experience
    (Quote by Leonardo da Vinci)

Our history

Eureka Project is a business born out of the passion and the thirty-year experience of its owner Alfredo Froio, who wanted to follow a path dedicated to ventilated cladding.

"Eureka" is the exclamation of satisfaction for the technical problems faced and brilliantly solved in the most diverse projects.

Over the years, the owner has developed - with commitment and dedication - different cladding systems used in important architectural projects, for instance: one of the first renovations using ventilated cladding in Via Ludovico il Moro, Milan in 1996 (4000 sqm), the high-speed Tiburtina Station in Rome, the New Opera House in Florence and many others.

Eureka Project - Facciate ventilate